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28th September 2021, 04:51 GMT+10

While the exact timing of entering a gold position is very much an individual decision, and there is no generic, perfect answer for everyone, the recent drop in gold value from the mid $1,800s to just below $1,740 is very attractive. This is a $200 drop from where the spot price for gold was as of May 2021 but generally a rising long-term trend from the shock of February 2020 and the COVID market panic. Anytime the market goes into retrenchment, it’s a significant value entry opportunity for those looking to consolidate additional holdings at a discount.

A Solid Play During Crazy Times

Since the end of 2019 before the world turned a bit upside down health-wise, the precious metal was averaging in the mid-$1,500 range in terms of buy price. Even with everything that has occurred since gold has still managed to increase in value overall and move closer to the $2,000s ceiling, explains a Gold Safe Exchange representative.

Like any asset with a short-term window of significant flux and a long-term trendline or stable behavior, gold has often been used as a reserve for financial value protection and a safe harbor when other turmoil is occurring in financial markets. Many wealth preservationists have been richly rewarded with a regular increase of their position during dips and then seeing their overall holdings solidify and increase over time. And, for those who have included gold for both their retirement planning as well as value protection, the precious metal has rewarded them handsomely, especially against inflation, an erosion of value that is rearing its ugly head in 2021 with commodity prices everywhere.

Where to Get Started?

For folks who are new to precious metal buying and not sure where to start, a reputable and solid exchange resource is highly recommended. Not only do such platforms provide significant education and help for new market buyers in gold, they also help guide in gold’s behavior, historical trends, and eventual asset liquidation as well. Gold Safe Exchange, for example, combines both the ability to buy gold as well put savings away in a tax shelter via a gold IRA. Such a retirement account maximizes the inherent value of gold assets with the government-protected tax avoidance of an IRA, increasing one’s net gain versus seeing it reduced in capital gains taxes.

Avoid Digital Risks and Preserve Wealth

Remember, assets generally need to build over time to really produce their rewards. Gold is no exception. It is extremely rare for any solid and reputable financial asset to pay off in a few days considerably without enormous risk involved. So, instead of taking unregulated chances with plays in things like cryptocurrency which can disappear in an hour without warning, focus on retirement building through gold and gold IRA retirement tools. You won’t be disappointed, and you also won’t be a statistic in a story the next morning about how someone’s Bitcoin was hacked and disappeared overnight on their computer.

Gold has been around for centuries as a solid value protection and wealth-builder; that fact is going to continue for the next 100 years more likely than not. In a day and age when computer-related assets don’t even last a year or two, gold is where you want your long-term savings.

Gold Safe Exchange is ready to answer your questions about acquiring precious metals. Call them at (800) 341–6727 today about setting up your account.


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